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In 2005, The 25 Lessons was under contract with Cyan Books, a small independent publisher in London that focused on art and design books. However, although I worked with their editor for a year to write the book, ultimately we nullified the contract because the company had financial problems and could not meet its obligations. Subsequently, I regained all global publishing rights.

When I first solicited this book I received a number of indications of interest from editors including:

· Lauren Marino at Gotham
· Nick Detton Brown at Ulysses Press
· Trace Murphy at Doubleday
Also, Steve Riggio, CEO and Vice Chair of Barnes & Noble, wrote to me directly to say that he was going to ask Charlie Nurnberg, the former CEO for B&N's Sterling Publishing, to take a look.

Subsequent to the original solicitation and the book offer, I signed on with Bill Gladstone, the literary agent representing Eckhart Tolle (author of The New Earth and The Power of Now). However, I eventually terminated our agreement because of a contract dispute.

Subsequently, I had discussions with Eileen Gittens the CEO at blurb.com, and she encouraged me to use her company’s self-publishing platform. The 25 Lessons became an instant best seller on their site. And as I began this letter, the book has gone on to be the #1 bestselling photo essay on Amazon.com in 2010, 2011 and 2012, as well.

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