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August 21, 2012
Subject: 25 Lessons

I really enjoyed your book and it gave me a new outlook on photography specifically and life in general.

I feel as if I am in a constant state of improvement and it is through books like yours and practice, practice, practice that it is possible!

Joylene, Southern Mississippi, USA

July 12, 2012
Subject: I know you get a lot of fan mail, but PLEASE read this one.

I wanted to hand write a letter and send it, but in today's word it's hard to find addresses :/

Anyways, I wanted to take the time to tell you that you have truly influenced me as a photographer and as a person. I've been in a bit of a rut lately, a "writer's block" for photographers if you will, but reading your book on the 25 lessons you've learned has helped me right out of that. It was the answer I've been waiting for.

I look at things differently now; everything has beauty and purpose. My favorite line in the book is "For the pictures see what we do not see, if only because we are too busy to see them." I highlighted it.

You're a real piece of work, Lorenzo. I appreciate you taking the time to share your life experiences as well as your struggles in a book accesible to me. You've opened my eyes in more ways than you'll ever know.

Thank you and have a wonderful day,
Chelsea A. Lewis, Fountain, USA

June 12, 2012
Subject: Hi

Dear Lorenzo,

I'm reading your book on my Kindle and totally love it. So, it seems that this is the beginning of my journey. Your book has changed my life in such a good way. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kipp Poe Speicher, Canton, OH

June 11, 2012
Subject: Grazie

Dear Lorenzo,

I've just finished your book, 25 Lessons, and I want to tell you thank you very much.

Your book has inspired me to change my life. And although I am afraid of this, your words gave me courage, because now I have the confidence to say "I am a photographer"...

Best regards,
Leonarda Vanicelli, Salsomaggiore, Emilia-Romagna, Italy

April 29, 2012
Subject: Thank you

My name is BH and I will be moving to the UK to be a photographer.

I just finished your book. Between taking your advice by using flickr and highlighting the hell out of your words, I became stronger and more confident than I did before.

A year ago I fell into a deep depression. I am a television news videographer that ran into a lot of hurdles of the world around me. Whether self induced, or legitimately surrounded by a-holes, I decided enough is enough. I loved being artistic with my shots, but despised the evilness and ugliness that it had to capture. Not to mention the politics of what is "news" just to fill a producers newscast.

I began to isolate myself from everyone. It was most likely subliminal, but I knew my soul needed to stay in its mental cocoon to be stronger until i was ready. During this lonely, yet somewhat comforting time, I fell for a woman 4400 miles away. For almost a year we have continued to contact each other via Skype. She has visited me in Miami... I have visited her in Haselmere, England with her two beautiful children. Eventually, we fell in love.

Listening to the universe, I have decided to quit being a news photojournalist, and become a true photographer...following MY rules of what beautiful things land in my lens. In August, I will take the plunge and do a five month sabbatical in England. A great place to hop from country to country, slowly but successfully filling up my portfolio of work.

Whether I will end up there, or back to the states, I want to thank you for being my fuel to keep moving. Making the short, short life an adventure. To challenge my INCREDIBLE fear (or grand idiocy) to make a jump to a new world, leaving behind everything I had learned. For the love of my dreams, supported by the love of another.

My pictures still need to be improved. I'm slowly discovering the amazing things I can do with my Canon T2I. My eye has been trained as a news photog for 18 years...but I know my creativity can improve with practice.

Thanks again, and I will look forward to stalking you on flickr with your wonderful street shots! And if you have an Instagram app, my new favorite toy, I would enjoy following you!

BH, Miami... Soon Haselmere

April 17, 2012
Subject: thank you

25 Lessons was a mind opener for me. I have been sitting on the fence about my photography,and your book has reminded me why I love photography.

I enjoyed reading about your journey and how photography help. My fear was I would lose the enjoyment of it. I rembered why I love photography and everything that happens before and after the shutter clicks.

Thanks again for sharing and look foward enjoying your work

Frank D., South Valley, NM

February 14, 2012
Subject: Great Book

Ciao Lorenzo,

I just finished to reading your great book, 25 lessons... Kudos.

I am passing through a tough time in my life and your book has given me strength and energy!

Thank you.

Armida Parigi, Milano, Italy

February 2, 2012
Subject: 25 Lessons

Hello Lorenzo,

I read your book, enjoyed it very much and found it to be very inspirational. I think at one point in life many of us go through similar stages, for some of course worse than others. Thanks for the great writing and for sharing your wonderful photography to the world.

Rick, Auburndale, FL

January 11, 2012
Subject: Tu libro

Hi Lorenzo,

I just finished reading your book and it was breath taking. It's as if you placed all the words I've been wanting to say throughout my life time. You really inspirited me to look further into my own life and what I've always craved for.

I recommended the book to a dear friend of mine, who is also a photographer. We took photography in college together and have been friends ever since.

Nellie, New York

August 29, 2011
Subject: Your writing

I purchased "25 Lessons I’ve Learned about Photography" and I found it very inspirational; it has made me question my life and what I want out of it. Your writing and photography are both truly exceptional.

Kind Regards,
Alexander Freeman, UK

August 22, 2011
Subject: thanks


I am a disabled pipe fitter from Chicago and have had my fair share of turmoil and pain in my life. Thus, I just really wanted to say thank you for your inspiration.

I have this longing to take pics any time my pain allows, because in my head I am always thinking about photography. I guess I have been lacking direction, and thus I was in need of something, anything. Your book has been the only one with any "spirit" for lack of a better word.

You sir, can write like others breath, and I for one feel like a better person, let alone amateur photographer. After consuming this book, and that is exactly what I did, I took a deep breath, and "tasted" this book while I took it in for the energy if offered, motivation to be processed over time, maybe years to digest, if ever.

It was a very refreshing book and should be cornerstone in every photography 101 class.

Bruce D. Larweth, Chicago

June 26, 2011
Subject: Your book

I read your book and I loved it.

I to have learned a lot about life from photography. I would have to say that my life changed after I found flickr too. Much like you, I went from someone who simply took pictures to a certified photographer.

Thanks for the insperation and a great read.

Tim Toll, Buffalo, NY

June 11, 2011
Subject: Your book

Hi Lorenzo,

I just finished your book, I just can say that photography also changed my life too, but in very different circumstances. A few years ago I opened that door to the world of photography. Now, your book just took me in deeper.

You must have thousands of e mails like this right?.

Anyway this is just a "thank you message", well done.

José Rentería Cobos, Osaka, Japan (by way of México)

May 15, 2011
Subject: Your book

I read your book a year ago but I still dip into it when I need to get out shooting but don't. It would be easy for me to sit around but your book helps me get out of the house.

While my challenge is different from yours I still found your book valuable for dealing with life.

Phillida Hutcheson, North Georgia Mountains, USA

May 1, 2011
Subject: Your Book

Hi; I just wanted to say that I read your book last night and it really was inspiring. Thank you for opening up to your readers and sharing your experiences in such a moving and fascinating way. Plus, your photos are great!

Katy, London, UK

April 10, 2011
Subject: Grande Lorenzo

I've finished your 25 lessons 2 days ago and I think your book is really precious.

And it's not only about photography. It's about creativity. And life.

Thank you Lorenzo, for the hours spent together. I feel you as you were a friend of mine.

Ciao da Roma,

March 26, 2011

Hi Lorenzo,

I happened to buy 6 kindle e-books at Amazon.com and your book, 25 lessons, so far is my best read for the week.

Not only is it inspirational, but coming from a writer/photographer who experienced real life difficulties whilst using photography as tools to inspire ...one's sensibilities and narrating it light heartedly and sincerely is somewhat rare these days. I'm not sure if I could find another good read such as this. Thank you.

I am in Chapter 11 of your book but I don't want to finish reading it so soon. If only there were other books like it. God bless you and your family.

Almer Frades
in Dubai

November 21, 2010
Subject: A minute of your time

I just wanted to take a minute of your time to thank you. I finally bought your book, "25 Lessons I learned about Photography...Life". I am up to Lesson 3 and already it has changed my outlook on photography and life.

I had forgotten that everything is beautiful. I became overly critical of my work, stuck in analysis, locked in paralysis. I also have been experiencing emotional and mental strains over the past year, that has left me less than who I normally am. Or who I want to be. Just reading how you re-discovered NYC and your love for photography in the depths of despair is just simply inspiring.

And now, I understand. I understand how amazing a different perspective can change one's outlook.

The book has been the best $3 investment in my life. And it seems to have come at the right time. I needed a spiritual, mental and emotional rebirth, in a sense. I'm not there yet, but I'm hoping the lessons from this book will help me get there. :)

- PD, New York

November 16, 2010
Subject: your book

I am in the process of reading and reviewing your wonderful book.

Your photography, prose and advice leaves me truly breathless. As a writer and photographer myself, I have experienced a dry spell lately having given up a weekly column due to time constraints and now miss it terribly. Not having the avenue to market as many pieces and photos now, I find myself mourning the loss of the column. Your book will help inspire me to continue working and finding new markets.

I don't think I've ever read as moving a piece on the craft of photography in my life. Most pieces on photography are more tech manual in approach and yours really touches my soul. I think it's going to really impact my life.

This is without question one of the coolest things to happen to me in a long while. Just wanted you to know that...

PJ, Virginia

April 23, 2008
Subject: A-Level Photography Class!

I'm a teacher at St Boniface's Catholic College in Plymouth (UK), and I thought I'd let you know that a few of my students have chosen you as their inspiration! Each student has to choose three artists that inspire them- which span from Muybridge and Hockney to David La Chappelle and your good self!

You've got quite a fan club in my class- the students (and I) think your work is awesome!

We received our copies of 25 Lessons today and began reading it as a class - it is truly amazing- well done!

I will be sure to send you copies of their sketchbook pages, which feature you!

Thanks for being so inspirational!

Paul Scott
Head of Photography
www.stbonifaces.com, Plymouth, UK


I bought this book without reading reviews first, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is a book that is more about the photographer than the techniques of photography: the man behind an image, the feelings that guided him to do things his own way, kids, a wife, divorce, God.... It reminds us that using fancy equipment and thick theory books are just one method of learning about this beautiful way of life.

It also reminded me that it's all about you and your desire to create photography that makes us enjoy a camera.

The book's worth the read, even if it just because it offers a unique perspective, simple to understand and straight from the heart.

I happened to buy 6 kindle e-books at Amazon.com and your book, 25 lessons,, so far is my best read for the week.

Not only is it inspirational, but coming from a writer and photographer who experienced real life difficulties whilst using photography as tools to inspire ...one's own sensibilities, while narrating your story in a lighthearted and sincere manner - is somewhat rare these days. I'm not sure if I could find another read as good as this. Thank you.

I am on Chapter 11 of your book, but admittedly I am hesitant to finish reading it so soon. If only there were other books like it.

In your life, you may come across a book that makes you stop and question where you are going. This is one such book.

At first I thought I was about to be presented with yet another technical manual on photography, well meaning as they are, most are so devoid of any emotional connection to photography... Not so with this one.

Lorenzo takes you on a journey where his passion for photography grows with every click of the camera, everything and everyone that is captured through his lens becomes another page in his mission to bring emotion and clarity to his, at times difficult, life,.

Lorenzo is a master. His body of work is some of the very best in the medium today. His street work follows in the tradition of Paul Strand, Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand and Larry Friedlander.

25 Lessons should be a must for anyone who raises a camera to their eye. The lessons are well thought out, deceptively simple and easy to grasp, as well as applicable to all phases of the photographic art. In sum, the book is as seminal a piece of writing on the art of photography as Ansel's dissertation on the zone system. I found it to be reenergizing, perceptive and extremely useful.

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