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25 mesmerizing and poetic photographs about life in the grand metropolis. Each classic image is complemented with compelling words from various writers, poets, statesmen and scholars that are meant to stoke thought and provoke the reader's imagination.

Now available for Kindle Fire & iPad on Amazon


Considered one of the most important books in American history and literature, this new edition of Riis’ 1890 classic How the Other Half Lives contains over 100 new endnotes that provide insight and context for scholars and students of history, American studies, photography, social studies, immigration, social welfare and journalism.

New Features Include:
— 123 new endnotes that provide insight to the contemporary reader to understand the historical, political and social context of Riis’s story. All endnotes are hyperlinked to their original online sources for further in-depth research or reading.

— New author biography and short publication history, not available in other versions.

— Original illustrations and photos have been restored.

Now available for Kindle Fire & iPad on Amazon

The Murals of Spanish Harlem by Lorenzo Domínguez, Arts & Photography
Subway Stories, as listed under Fine Art Photography
Sentimientos, Arts & Photography Be Yourself, as listed under Fine Art Photography
The Murals of
Spanish Harlem

An unprecedented collection of photographs documenting the murals of New York's El Barrrio, Spanish Harlem.

Now on iPad
for only $4.95

Subway Stories
Photos from the New York City Subway

100 photographs of New Yorkers sleeping, reading, and riding on the New York City Subway, taken from 2005 – 2009.

Now on iPad
for only $4.95


Six photos taken at a black-tie affair held at the Waldorf~Astoria in New York City on February 6, 2006; along with 34 drunk self portraits.

Be Yourself
A celebration of the spirit of the individual

100 photographs of individuals on the streets and subways of New York City. Each photograph is complemented by a quote about individuality, genius or self-determination.

May 14, 2011
200 pgs, 180 color photos

December 06, 2009
114 pgs, 100 color photos
May 11, 2008
40 pgs, 37 photos
April 8, 2008
120 pgs, 100 color photos

Art Matters
A Letter to A Muse, as listed under Poetry
StreetWise: How to be a Great Photographer, Lessons Learned on the Streets of New York City, as listed under Fine Art Photography
Art Matters
Chronicles of Love, Lust & Debauchery
Selected Prose and Verse, 2005-2008

A compendium of three years of work from the summer of 2005 until the summer of 2008.

It is as much introspective and idiosyncratic, as it strives to induce the laws of both human nature and the universe.

A Letter to A Muse

A Letter to A Muse is a collection of poetry written almost entirely in the Fall of 2002, as a letter of introduction to poet and writer I hold in high esteem.

There are 222 illustrated poems in this volume. Half are originals created solely by the author. Most were written between August and December of 2002.

How to be a Great Photographer, Lessons Learned on the Streets of New York City

Includes the 25 Lessons Trilogy:
25 Lessons I've Learned;
25 More Lessons (I've Learned);
and 25 Points of Creativity

Now on iPad for only $9.99

July 01, 2008
420 pgs, 200 photos & entries
Now on iPad for only $4.95

December 06, 2008
262 pgs, 249 poems
Now on iPad for only $4.95

May 24, 2008
120 pgs, trilogy

the lost man chronicles, as listed under Self-Improvement
the lost man chronicles, book 2
25 Lessons I've Learned (about photography), as listed under Biographies & Memoirs
the lost man chronicles
the art of living, book 1

In 2003, Lorenzo began a life-changing journey of self-discovery. Through a regimen of meticulous observation, daily writing and a simple life-style I learned how to blaze a trail toward truth and happiness.

This book chronicles how and what I learned through a collection of 100 musings, essays, poems and meditations.

the lost man chronicles
the art of love, book 2

The lost man chronicles is a modern day testament to one man's journey to become re-immersed in a world which has been lost in the glare of modern convenience and commercial contrivances.

Each passage explores a passage toward enlightenment, toward awareness, and ultimately toward rediscovering the meaning of life.

25 Lessons I've Learned about Photography...Life!

In his best-selling book, Lorenzo describes how the deceptively simple rules of photography can also be applied to the art of living. Inspirational and poetic, this book will not only spark readers’ creative energies, but also reawaken your passion for life.

25 Lessons I've Learned about Photography...Life!

The #1 Best Selling Photo Essay and Artist & Photography Biography on Amazon.com

Now on iPad for only $2.99

November 30, 2008
198 pgs, B&W paperback
$7.99, paperback
$0.99, Kindle
Now on iPad for only $2.99

January 03, 2009
208 pgs, B&W paperback
$7.99, paperback
$0.99, Kindle
Now on iPad
With photos: $4.95
Text only: $2.99

October 23, 2008
2nd ed., with 25 color photos
February 10, 2011
146 pgs, 25 B&W photos
$9.99, paperback
Kindle, text only, $0.99
Kindle, with photos, $2.99

25 Lecciones que aprendí­
sobre la fotografía...vida!

En su best-seller, Lorenzo se describe cómo las normas engañosamente simple de la fotografía también se puede aplicar al arte de vivir. Inspirada y poética, este libro no sólo despertará las energías de los lectores creativos, sino también despertar su pasión por la vida.

25 Lezioni che ho imparato
sulla fotografia... Vita

Nel suo best-seller Lorenzo descrive come le apparentemente semplici regole della fotografia possono essere applicate anche all'arte di vivere. Ispirato e poetico, questo libro non solo stimolerà energie creative nei lettori, ma risveglierà anche la tua passione per la vita.

25 Lições que aprendi
sobre a fotografia...vida!

Em seu livro best-seller, Lorenzo descreve como as regras enganosamente simples de fotografia também pode ser aplicado à arte de viver. Inspirado e poética, este livro não só irá desencadear energias leitores criativos, mas também despertar a sua paixão pela vida.

25 Leçons avons appris
sur la photographie...vie!

Dans son livre best-seller, Lorenzo explique comment les règles d'une simplicité trompeuse de la photographie peut également être appliquée à l'art de vivre. Inspirational et poétique, ce livre ne sera pas seulement étincelle énergies lecteurs créatifs, mais aussi réveiller votre passion pour la vie.

June 12, 2011
158 pgs, B&W with photos
Libro en rústica, $9.99; £10.08
Sólo texto, $0.99; £0.70
Con fotos, $2.99; £2.12
March 15, 2011
158 pgs, B&W with photos
Brossura, $9.99; £10.08
Solo testo, $0.99; £0.70
Con foto, $2.99; £2.12
February 10, 2011
Kindle edition
Somente texto, $0.99; £0.70
Com fotos, $2.99; £2.12
February 10, 2011
Kindle edition
Seulemente text, $0.99; £0.70
Avec photos, $2.99; £2.12


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