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I bought this book without reading reviews first, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is a book that is more about the photographer than the techniques of photography: the man behind an image, the feelings that guided him to do things his own way, kids, a wife, divorce, God.... It reminds us that using fancy equipment and thick theory books are just one method of learning about this beautiful way of life.

It also reminded me that it's all about you and your desire to create photography that makes us enjoy a camera.

The book's worth the read, even if it just because it offers a unique perspective, simple to understand and straight from the heart.

I happened to buy 6 kindle e-books at Amazon.com and your book, 25 lessons,, so far is my best read for the week.

Not only is it inspirational, but coming from a writer and photographer who experienced real life difficulties whilst using photography as tools to inspire ...one's own sensibilities, while narrating your story in a lighthearted and sincere manner - is somewhat rare these days. I'm not sure if I could find another read as good as this. Thank you.

I am on Chapter 11 of your book, but admittedly I am hesitant to finish reading it so soon. If only there were other books like it.

In your life, you may come across a book that makes you stop and question where you are going. This is one such book.

At first I thought I was about to be presented with yet another technical manual on photography, well meaning as they are, most are so devoid of any emotional connection to photography... Not so with this one.

Lorenzo takes you on a journey where his passion for photography grows with every click of the camera, everything and everyone that is captured through his lens becomes another page in his mission to bring emotion and clarity to his, at times difficult, life.

Lorenzo is a master. His body of work is some of the very best in the medium today. His street work follows in the tradition of Paul Strand, Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander.

25 Lessons should be a must for anyone who raises a camera to their eye. The lessons are well thought out, deceptively simple and easy to grasp, as well as applicable to all phases of the photographic art. In sum, the book is as seminal a piece of writing on the art of photography as Ansel's dissertation on the zone system. I found it to be reenergizing, perceptive and extremely useful.

Amazon Reviews
Letters from Readers
Book Reviews
Other Testimonials

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