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25 Lessons I've Learned about Photography Life Synopsis

Husband, father, and corporate employee— Lorenzo's life revolved around home, work, and his daily commute from the suburbs to the city.

Then, one day, he found himself staying at the Little Church in midtown Manhattan in the wake of a marital separation. Living in virtual isolation for three months, he had a rare chance to re-examine his life. Quite unexpectedly, he found himself wandering around the city to take photographs, a passion he had let slide in the years of pursuing a career and starting a family. During his nightly sojourns through the streets of New York City, he was reminded of some important life lessons—lessons too easily forgotten in the blur of everyday existence.

Now one of the premier up-and-coming photographers on the streets of New York City, 25 Lessons chronicles Lorenzo’s journey into the amazing world of digital photography and how it helped him to reconnect with the world around him, and to live a more authentic life.

In this unique book, which bridges word with image, he describes how the deceptively simple rules of photography can also be applied to the art of living. Inspirational and poetic, this book will not only spark readers’ creative energies, but also reawaken your passion for life.

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