25 Lessons I've Learned

25 Lessons I've Learned about Photography...Life! is the #1 best selling book on Amazon.com in both the photo essay and artists biographies & memoirs categories for most of 2010. Because of its inspiring storyline it has also placed in Top 10 of Self/Spiritual Books, along with genre classics Deepak Chopra’s The Book of Secrets, Hermann Hesse’s Siddhartha, and A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle.

Now available on Amazon as an e-book for Kindle, iPad, Blackberry, and iPhone!

Also available as a Google eBook for only $3.03!

Following are the original 25 Lessons written while the author, Lorenzo, lived in The Little Church in the middle of Manhattan for three months in virtual isolation in 2005. If you enjoy and appreciate these lessons, you're guaranteed to love the book!

25 Lessons I've Learned about Photography

The Preface to the Book

00. Original Introduction

01. Everything is Beautiful

02. Everywhere You Go…

03. Use Your Imagination

04. Take the Long Way Home

05. Just Do It

06. If...

07. Strike a Balance

08. Strike a Chord

09. Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously

10. Know Thy Selfe

11. Go it Alone

12. Persevere

13. Be Promiscuous

14. Take the High Road

15. Learn to Let Go

16. Make it Count

17. Don’t Be Afraid of the Elements

18. Tell the Truth

19. Are You A Photographer?

20. Steady as She Goes

21. Eyes Wide Open

22. Everyday is Extraordinary

23. Envision

24. Experiment (with the Third Eye)

25. Recharge Your Batteries

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