book nine: i am me

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Following are musings dedicated to the struggle of the individual.

Alone, But Not Lonely
00. mary poppins was lonely too
00. the slippery whet ruse
00. At least I have me
00. the lost boy (and his lunchtime muse)
00. Solitude
00. Only
00. knowing contentment in the enchanted forest

For more on this subject see solitude, composure, and renewal in Book One: The Art of Living.

What is Becoming (of Me)
00. the stranger opinion
00. understanding one’s own
00. the serene harbor of nothingness
00. the whetting strokes of a cold wet glass (keeping ennui company)
00. The Satisfaction of Sacrifice
00. Why not?
00. vainly living
00. perfectly normal
00. i am a buddha
00. the good news, is within us all
00. Kaleidoscope of the human me
00. Contradict me
00. a long way to go
00. diminishing ergo
00. a place (where I, simply, am)
00. the little things we long
00. the deaths of our lives (as the world turns)

Follow Your Bliss: The Art of Self Fulfillment
00. spiritual wisdom (making up or own rules)
00. lost in time
00. looking into happiness
00. being unbelievably phuckin' happy
00. A Life Well Spent
00. let her be
00. your true bling-bling
00. libido dominandi (the will to power)

Nonconformity: Taking A Risk, Being Different,
and Venturing into The Unknown

00. alas, she was gone
00. the one-eyed giant
00. stepping sideways
00. questions for the non-conformist
00. you ARE different
00. the abnormality of normality
00. a not-so-serious second-time around
00. being special

The Ties That Bind
00. Virtue, in the interests of others
00. vuélvete loco
00. Number one
00. Independence
00. the peaceful pall
00. nothing happening here

The Same Old Story
00. I can wait
00. Happy worms
00. Dance of denial
00. This alien life
00. Nouveau bohemian
00. flaying the flavedo
00. choosing to leave
00. Song of the suburban man
00. Love, American haiku
00. Supersize Everything
00. the circle-jerk of society (a fumarole of angst)

00. Anonymity vs. Success (res ipsa loquitur)
00. I rather be a peasant
00. in a small existence
00. Enduring simplicity

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