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i do think about you (for F.M)
punctuating punctuation
funny me
experience is truth
Letters to a Daredevil(Dear Tightrope Walker)
a letter goodbye (from the other side)
the sleepy erection
Wanted: Give Me Your Used, Abused, and Broken-Hearted
In The Wake of Wanderlust
Time Keeps on Slipping
A Self-Serving Public Service Message
In The Blink of an Eye...
Looking Back
We Are One
Lazy Summer Sleep
The Lovely Lina
These Are My Super Heroes
Dining Amongst The Gods
Life is Surreal
First Grade Education
Orange Tears
I Always Knew That
Tales From A Trip
The Real March Madness
Houston, Can You See Me Now?
Beholding The Beauty
Next to Last Poet
The Glare of the Ego
A Child Arrested
Vanity Fare: Parts 1-10
Vanity Fare, Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: La Vie en Rose
Part 3: Happy Birthday Tom
Part 4: California Dreaming
Part 5: It’s a Small World After All
Part 6: Six Degrees of Separation
Part 7: 16 Years Later
Part 8: Nuclear Flatulence
Part 9: Российские Проститутки
Final Segment: Vanity Fare
These Winter Blues
The Opening
Likewise Gone Awry
The Decisive Moment
Feeling Only in The City
Just Enjoy The Moment
We Are Empowered
a brazen dusk of beauty
Almost 40
The Falling Leaves
Another Close Call
inside the shutter
(i see them)

Life is a Beautiful Blur
all the time
a long way to go
Photos Like This
wonder with me
…7, 8, 9, 10! Ready or not here I come!
the curse of sublime vanity
it's all relative - on the moon
the lost boy (and his lunchtime muse)
musings from the loon: just have phun, phind liphe phunny (and shit)
(Occam’s Razor) the dull blade
Getting Off vs. Getting Art
(Yes, Madame X There's) a place to be ourselves
Vestiges of Youth
Daedalus Beams
Snooze, the sleepy muse
the male vibrator
because of you
Complimenting The Spice of Life
especially, love
careening through the blue nothingness

luna, lunita, lunera
ascending pyramids
assassinating creativity
a lot more awe
haciendo el tonto
moving freight trains
the eight-year-old man
the extra mile
the reed mantra
where we simply are
She’s Absurd
what's new
knowing contentment in the enchanted forest
the innocence of four
the knots of brookdale
the adventures of little boy blue: the becoming hue
conversations with genius
one with the breeze
footnote four
accomplishment as its own reward
a lull in the grass
age matters—youth invigors as much as it withers
a touch of the divine (appreciating Eve)
an ingenium in us all
let us always be beginners
i am not, i am
reeling it in
the touch of reality
I am (not)
the good news: orange furry fellow
Virtue, in the interests of others
cheesy bread sticks
itchin’ and sctachin’
the unexpecting
Anonymity vs. Success (res ipsa loquitur)
erasing it
the reasons why
a current runs through
fighting under the sun
(little) blinking red lights at midnight
The Satisfaction of Sacrifice
the cold in my heart
Running half-naked through the streets (of Bloomfield)
the serene harbor of nothingness
the lonely grey soldier
the stranger opinion
the abnormality of normality
narcissus laments his aging hedonism
A Life Well Spent
the slippery whet ruse
and the tortoise appealed to the hare
the ultimate source

please love(r)

media reviews and other words on literature, media and the like
spiritual wisdom (making up our own rules)
Running Amuck (with Scissors): Book Review
the not-so-divine agent of change, Citizen Moore
Make me ßelieve
Warmest Regards, William
the good news constitution, inaugural issue
the beautiful paperboy
the lost world (of words)
nothing happening here
So, I ‘ad a bit of erbal remedy, and I’m a lil’ bit ratted, and me peeps is wrecked—a’ight?!
the importance of being earnest
the unknown writer and his favorite reader
the insatiable incorrigible within

to be reviewed

Captain Black Does Yoga
the real superman is dead (to be an average, aging man)
Giving a damned Yankee his due
Time Keeps on Slipping
Who is She?
adapting like a participle
the ocean inside of me
mary poppins was lonely too
communing with the humane: doing the thing you fear
stealing memories
one gold leaf falling
making magic out of nothing
Gilding Destiny
the vain entertainer (simply amusing or murder, she wrote)
What Women Want
Yes they are, thank you.
this supreme dawning beauty
to glean upon the gleam
An Interview with Myself
to write, in stead
Captain Black Under Attack!
nature calls
the glossy black mirror
biting the writing bullet
21 Grams
reaching your full potential
The Death Watch (it’s a small world after all)
El Museo Del Sol
prayers: conversations with the god within
choosing not to sleep my life away
the heart of my head
all the little deaths
home is where the heart is
Y oh Y
that sparkle in your eye
Knot Good
dreaming reality
Knot a Remedy
Aging and Ailing
Making Love to (Fucking) Madonna
A Trove of Confessions (about Mary Jane)
The Beauty of the Brain (More Than You’ll Ever Know)
A Ruby Surprise
a soft belly
the deaths of our lives (as the world turns)

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