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Flor Blanca

The Silhouettes of a Moonlit Shade

Solamente Imaginando

Merely Imagining

Strong Winds Blow

Sun's Sonnet XXIX

The Locks of Spring



Flor Blanca


Flor blanca, pura sangre dulce

Flor blanca, la anticipación y el anochecer.

Sueño que me tienes,

Una vez hasta la amanecida.

Lleno de anhelo,



Angélica palustre,

Quiero que me cures

Con sus tragos de rocío.

En tus pétalos de terciopelo

Quiero que me envuelvas,

Que me inundes,

Que me tomes,

Que me abarques

Dentro del abismo de tus deseos.

Por eso te espero

En la oscuridad,

Entre la decidia y lo decidido.

Flor blanca,

Morí entre las hojas de la nostalgia

Pero con tus besos resucito

Y avivo,

Un poco más cada vez.

Flor blanca,

Más loca que la luna

Más embriagadora que la rosa,

En tus brasos

Encontré mi corazón.

Flor blanca, en la bienvenida

Podemos vivir,

Porque la despedida

No necesita venir.

Mi querido temor

Tengo ganas de morir ahogado

En el mar de amor.

Flor blanca,



Por qué me haces sufrir?

  19 julio, 1992

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The Silhouettes of a Moonlit Shade

Each conversation seems to be an end

When I wish it were merely a beginning.

Why does "he" have to linger,

Reminding me that I am just

Riding on "free time."

So adorable and beautiful,

Your jabs and jeers

Only endear me,

Bewitch me more than always before.

Oh....how I abhor

Knowing I am not the only one

Who knows your wit,

Your laugh, your smile,

A style by which I have fallen,

A slave to your charms.

So at night's end

With a sigh I listen

To your goodbye

To an end...to a beginning

Oh...if only I could have been...

Simply a pillow,

A sheet,

A shadow on the wall.

Then perhaps I could fall,

Fall asleep....

So I would not have to stare

At the glare,

The silhouettes of a moonlit shade.

Kept enraptured,

Simply captured by thoughts of you,

Yes, if only you would fade,

Fade away,

So I could forget

What I have not yet,

Nor may never be.

 November 11, 1992

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Solamente Imaginando


La bebida mas lisura

Tiene pelo del mismo color.

Cada vez que tomo una mirada

Me enternezco mucho más.

Y más emborachado que nunca antier, nunca jamás

Saboreo el sentido de su tacto suavizante.

Solamente imaginando

Su sabor en mis labios

Me tranquilizo

Y me lleva

A lugares nunca conocidos.

Hasta que el fondo de mi copa

Me requerda

Donde estoy.


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Merely Imagining


The smoothest drink

Has hair of the same color.

Each time I take a look

I am touched so much more.

And more drunk then the day before,

Then never before

I savour the (meaning) sensation of her soothing touch.

Merely imagining

Her taste upon my lips

I am tranquilized

And taken away

To places I have never known.

And there I stay

Until the bottom of my glass

Reminds me

Of where I am.

  September 12, 1992


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Strong Winds Blow

Not knowing when to stop or go,

I follow a step behind, a fettered flow.

The Sun holding reins between amity and lust.

Exploring a garden of miffs and laughter I keep in mind

All the lemon roses friendship grows thereafter.

Pass me a drop of honeyed reason

To trespass the unknown crypts of dawn,

Sing me the siren's song,

The right wrong to fall into the forbidden.

A miser's desire I continue to hold

No expectations unbound, still held by a ribbon thin and blue.

No cloud to unfold dreams before you,

Nor implore you to fill the rivers between.

With each breath flows meaning

To scorn what little wants small storms bring.

Words written with coffee grinds

Words to let the drops of fountains ring.

Windows let strong winds blow curls which surround me,

And drown me in her wanton ways.

Let her know the secret twisting lemons into roses,

Juxtaposing night and day.

June 3 & 6, MCMXCIV


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Sun's Sonnet XXIX

  When, alone in memory with Fate and nostalgic lies,

I bemoan my bewitched and smitten state,

And rake leaves of grass with my unheard sighs,

And look upon you standing at fortune's gate,

Washing my dreams with your smile i elope,

Cling like her, like her whose sins confessed,

The Desire that kisses start, and give lovers hope,

With honey lips my mind stands undressed,

How in knots your whims tie me, tantalizing;

Hazard I look in thine eyes to find my fate,

Like to the mirror I see myself fantasizing,

For with love's birth, my heart your breath does berate,

Such sugar sounds, your lips go forsaken,

With each word, such hope I have taken.



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The Locks of Spring


Strong wind knocks

The Locks of a golden sun

To pass by

The Siren of Summer and Spring.

Storm of roses

Poses to seem

The shine thereafter,

Let laughter be the ribbon and the pin.

Sin to pretend

Bus rides lead to love

So kisses seal nothing below nor above,

Moments maybe, cast into mud.

What for smiles go?

To throw light into darkness

For find to feel

Wrenches the center of my soul.

Bid oneself control

And touch wins

The War of Saints and Sinners

One lost before beauty and all its charms.

Floribunda, florabundi,

Tell me the truth

Lie before me the rite of passion

So I may be exiled from the Garden of the Sun.

Harden the heart soft to touch

Too much hurt makes it softer

Before time takes away

All we must slay before we have forgotten what we are after.

Say just enough, so little, so much,

So I may leave without a kiss or a touch

Black goes above me and black rides below

Beauty, the colors I left behind,

Beauty, a bud which did not grow.



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