A Letter to a Muse
Part I, Originals

12th Symphony of an August Night
6:30 scene, October 21, 2002, the hawk and mask of night (moment poem #1)
A Conversation with Fate
A Poet's Purpose
A Royal Funeral
A Writer‘s High
After All
aisle squater
All by Myself
all the same
August 2002 (the funky pink blues)
autumn looming
Bang! Bang! Bang!
beyond principle
Breathing Inferno
Caesar Never Knew August This Way
Calling the Bluff a Spade
contradict me
Crimson Divine
dance of denial
despoiling vanity
dyad summing
dying alive
enduring simplicity
falling grace
fate‘s deliberation
going somewhere
good news (nightmare)
happy worms
Herald! August 23 is here (I knew)
Love, American Haiku
How Heavy His Somolence Is
I can wait
Ill Inclination
I Rather Be A Peasant
I Remember
It’s just ice
Let This Be, A Day of Remembrance
My Life Poetic
like it or not, I love
Living Room
Make Believe
Mud of Boys to Men
music lessons (for my boys)
My Infant Sun
My Iris Germanica
My penny loafer man
Nouveau Bohemian (2002)
Now and Then
oh, boy
pan (dilemma III)
ode to poem
poetic pollution
poof and bob
Pop! Music (shoobie-doobie doo wop)
Radiant Blue
Rambling Hubris and Crackers
Rumors of Rebellion.
scintillating scansion
she let it go
Snake in the Ass
Stately Coping
Sweeping in Undulate Rhyme
The Ballad of Buck Wild Brady
The Bell Tells
The Big O
the change game
The Dilemmas
(The) Dilemma II
the elixir and everything (the be-all, cure-all poem)
the kaleidoscope of human me
the magnificent magnoliaceae
the middle of my canicas (the many splendored fingers of our time)
the neighborhood watch
the soothing rush
The Street
The Ultimate Elixir
The Vulnerable I (The Teetering Empire)
the wedding knell
the world less brighter
the write time
there is a tomorrow
this alien life
Tradition! (sedition)
until now
washing the hours go by
what don't won't do
yearning, estranged intimacy

Part II, Parities and Parodies

A kiss goodbye, a sigh
the breath of a humming bird
the sacred word and all its splendor
the night's arrival, sweet and tender
illuminating the universe, gibbous moon
a first kiss and the ensuing swoon

A Letter to a Muse is a collection of poetry which written almost entirely in the Fall of 2002, as a letter of introduction to poet and writer I hold in high esteem.

There are 222 poems in this volume. Half are illustrated originals created solely by the author. The vast majority were written between September and December of 2002.

The subsequent half of the book consist of entries inspired by other poet's celebrated work. Some are purposeful parodies, others playful parities—all serious inquisition and introspection. The vast majority of these poems were written in response to the reading of the other poem, and a scant few simply thematically matched previously written work. I am currently working on illustrating those and will post them to the site as they are finished. I wil try to provide a link to the other author's poem if it is available on the Web. Otherwise, I will only cite the poet's name and poem's title, so as not to infringe copyrights.

I have noted the source of inspiration for the poems of part two at the bottom left-hand corner of each page. If my poem was composed subsequent to reading someone else’s poem the footnote is written as “afflatus (divine inspiration): title of poem, author.” However, if my poem was written before, and I found there simply to be a significant similarity that subsequently merited a comparison, than the notation begins “arcades ambo (of the same ilk): title of poem, author.” If I was able to find the esteemed poem online, a link will be provided simply by clicking on the blue arrow Link to Poem which is located at the bottom right-hand side of the page.

I would like to acknowledge all the muses past, present and future who inspire my work, life herself being the most giving one. I am forever grateful.

Most of all I would like to thank the most important muse in my life, my wife, Domenica. As my partner and as the mother of our two boys, I am overjoyed to be fortunate enough to have her as both the gracious matron of our family and the guiding light that makes our humble house into a home.

I dedicate this here humble work to you,
Dear Domenica, sweet love, my 2.22

"Much of life becomes background, but it is the province of art
to throw buckets of light into the shadows and make life new again."
~ A Natural History of the Senses, Diane Ackerman