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age is but a number
alice and the glass
almost found 46 light son 46
angels and butterflies
a revealing display
armada dreams
atkhufu's tomb
at last, at rest
bedside manners
boy help
cancion maricon
Cassandra and the trick
Casting Loves Passion Play
crush unhooked
Dare to be Square
drawing life
dying for today
echo's yearning
enduring, endearing
Epilogue to Preface to a Twenty Volume Suicide Note
erasing it
Everyday Symphony
father to infant son
first crush
fishing with father
for my mother
for sale
garden fool
germinating, ode to my bee
Good Reasoning
grace and misbegotten
her world
he wrote till death
his long life
I'm somebody
in a city
inciting blue
In Memoriam Woody Allen.
in with the pekingnese
I stop answering the phone
Itís the Gibberish I purport
I will go
ladybug brag
less is more
let this be a warning
living forever
Mai-tai Waylay
mama's romance
me real fool
mi gente
my brother
my first pique
my sister
no substitute
not smiling, but frowning
number one
ojos oscuros
old white man
On Resounding Street
One a lesser two
poem, philosopher and mime
poetry's seed
shower poetry
silicon valley (l)ore node
Sky Scraper
snow day
somnolent nation
Sonnet Immemorial (To Wait)
Sonnet of Endless Wherefores
Sun's Sonnet XXIX
SUPERSIZE everything
Sur Entendu
tea and sympathy
tea party
tell me
the funeral
the intimate enemy
the king of comedy - before charlotte
The Lessons in the Month of June
The Lover to his Mistress Bovary
The Male Species
The Period (1964-1975)
the seaman and the cowhand
these moments
the slug
the song of the suburban man
the sublime and sentimental brew
The W.A.S.P.S. in August
The Word According to Dog
they not fools
today, my way
to sleep
tv too
Uncle L's Tales
Variation on the Word Awake
waiting for the fall
When I Saw the Drag Queen
your circumstance should never
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