Vivian Green
Name of Album: a love story
Ratings: Personal - 4 General - 4
Release Date: November 12, 2002


Another child is born in the streets of Philly, to become a harbinger of the Sea of Nu-Soul that is parting its way into popular tastes. And Vivian Green is her name.

Due out in November, Green's upcoming album A Love Story should be sweet. Based on a 5-track sampler, I was impressed by Vivian's vocal acuity. There are a lot of players on the nu-soul scene, but not many of them have what it takes to be seen as anyone other than a new kid on the block with a one-hit wonder in her back pocket. Vivian Green does. On the first sample cut, Fanatic, she swoons with an unusually smooth undulation with the stunted rhythm. The other four songs were as equally bewitching.

Ironically, I reviewed Green's music within the same hours as Lamya, who was recently touted by a good friend whose tastes I trust. I was smitten much more by the former. Perhaps, it is the esoteric nature of Lamya that did not woo me as well as the carnal call of Vivian's lush green pastures of redolent harmony. Soul for me is simple and heartfelt—not social commentary, not philosophical treatise, nor idiosyncratic poetry—I suppose that's why it's called soul.

Green's little liner note to the listener on the back of the cardboard slip in which the CD came is either well-written marketing copy or a sincere letter that sells me even more persuasively on this record. She relates how these songs were written to express chapters in her love life and that her vocal renderings are merely vocalized rememberings. I believe her and believe you will too.

Buy. 4 for now, but I could easily upgrade my rating to 5 once I hear the rest of the album.