vikter duplaix
Name of Album: international affairs
Ratings: Personal - 2 General - 3
Release Date: February 25, 2003


I live in Jersey. Its only been a year, but I have a pretty good idea based on the trail of "booming systems" that pass my house what kind of music is popular with the local masses these days.

Although Vikter Duplaix is from Philly and has seemingly been a catalyst for the music scene there, his new release International Affairs would befits the tastes of the blooming youth of my adopted Garden state.

With a sort of spoken-word style of singing, Duplaix debuts with a somewhat arcane smattering of sound. It was not necessarily music to my ears, but as I've mentioned already, that does not mean the hoi-polloi might not take to him.

Vikter gets a 2 by my smug tastes, but I can see the populace rating him a 4.