Tori Amos
Name of Album: Scarletís Walk
Ratings: Personal - 2 General - 4
Release Date: Fall 2002


My journey on Tori Amosís new album, Scarletís Walk, began with track two, Sorta Fairytale (with you) and i Felt as if I was walking along wistfully with Tori through a memory. The albumís blurb tells of a collection of stories inspired by a journey across the states. As I listened I began to understand how easy and even how hard it might be for an artist to make just such a journey and chronicle his or her experience via their medium. Every pit stop becomes a story, another dawn accompanied by a glorious stretch of the horizon across what appears to be untainted land. The cows moo, porch cats meow, long-eared dogs howl and somehow along the way you gain a better understanding of life.

And you also come to comprehend how boring it can be, and by the third thousandth mile you are yearning to return to the grit and grime of the City.

However, as I listened to Tori Amos on her promenade I did not feel she returned to the great metropolitan Cosmos with me. No, her songs ride like they turned aside off Route 66 and stayed behind interminably. Her song Crazy is nothing like the frenetic pace that its title leads us to believe we might hear. No, all of Amos is rather languid. A kind of mellow that makes me want to leave the cafe where this chanteuse strums her heart-wrought tunes, because the caffeine has me wanting to touch electricity, not empty myself of all the frantic energy that restless sympathetic lingering requires.

No, unfortunately few of my desires were fulfilled by Tori, for there was not enough torrid, or sin, or blessed ecstasy to entrance me and my senses.

Favorite Song(s): NA