The Avalanches
Name of Album: Since I Left You
Ratings: Personal - 4 General - 4
Release Date: November 6, 2001

Produced by a motley-crew of over-the-top Aussies from down under, Since I Left You has proven worthy of its attempt to break all the rules, with platinum sales at home and Top 20 entries on the UK single and album charts.

However, with all the accolades that The Avalanches's press release dons upon them, you almost see the semiliquidous-viscosity and glutinous-spissitude of their overflowing self-aggrandizement seep through the pores of the paper—I mean, despite any lack of humility, they win points for attempting to break new ground, even if they use old suckers of saccharine '60s' pop-tunes and lost pixie straws of music from the '50s to shatter the earth.

Regardless, the resulting gooiness is palatable, 'cause although their technique may not be "all-that" revolutionary, their sound is something different (and you know how we all yearn for that these days). And as their collaborative eclecticism is self-attributed to adolescent rummaging through the LP bins of Melbourne, there is a enough old in the mix to satisfy anyone averse to total cacophonous anarchy. The manipulation of electronica imbedded with sampling of disco, rap, soul, R&B, Motown, and pop is impressively varied and so droll you almost have to overlook the incongruity in order to appreciate the novelty for this hodge-podge of a cause. They are in many ways perhaps, and hopefully, representative of the apex of this mish-mosh of meatloaf and lounge-sound trend. The barrage of indiscriminate sound coming out of the contemporary halls of today's tin-cup alley is beginning to take a toll on less-receptive ears whose years cause one to woefully yearn for the return of pure harmony to pop, or at least a tune one can hum to.