Name of Album: Dirty Child
Ratings: Personal - 2 General - 2
Release Date: June 25, 2002


With the release of her debut album, Rosey makes her inaugural mark on the music world sounding like a bleached Macy Gray.

Formally a club DJ who's been around the block, Rosey demonstrates very little diversity with her vocal acuity, and so the whine unique to her sound becomes a little irksome after a track or two or three on her new albumóDirty Child. The lyrics are also a hodge-podge of simple rhyme that make the myriad times she says "sweet" quite saccharin. Track after track, I had to conclude a thumbs down.

In fact, sooner than usual, I had to stop listening. By track 9 of a dozen I had had enough.

Sort of saving grace was the last track, number 12. A simple cabaret style song called "My Baby," in which Rosey sounds like an upbeat Billie Holiday (if that's possible) , good enough for a drink or two, maybe a cameo on some popular show like Sex-in-the -City or the one with the anemic blond chick who all those surreal things happen to, Ally McGraw, McBeal, whatever. Ironically, the feeling is apropos considering that her song "Love" was featured on the soundtrack to Bridget Jones's Diary, another story about a woman wandering alone and confused in the world.

Grating to my serenity like summer gum stuck to the bottom of my shoe, I give this wanna-be rock-chick a paltry 2.