Name of Album: the rainbow children
Ratings: Personal - 4 General - 4
Release Date: Out Now

Had I not eventually realized that I had Tchaikovsky underneath Prince’s new album “the rainbow children,” I still would have been fooled and impressed. As you may know, Prince, reincarnated from that illegible phase of hieroglyphics, is quite musically talented and has demonstrated a huge breadth of musical style in the totality of his symphonic dreams. Rainbow children proves no exception to the fascinating results of his experimentation. At times, it even seems he is returning to his roots here.

Track one, reminds me of Temptation on his Around The World In A Day album, proselytizing with the voice of prophecy. With such a ominous beginning, it is hard to retreat on my accolades. Track 2 (muse 2 the pharaoh): Prince’s musical talent as a composer, singer, musician and lyricist has reached a nadir here - it has been a while since i could say i truly appreciated his work - not ever since I got off the P-Train at Parade, right before it left for The Sign o' the Times and on its merry wayward way.

Track four (the work pt. 1) has a mix of James Brown-Michael Jackson’s yipes mixed with Prince’s own moans - and the horns make you feel like your back at the Apollo with JB, sustaining this song in the vein of a classic R&B rhythm. Tracks 5-6 (everywhere and the sensual thereafter) are mediocre. Seven slithered with the mellow hiss of musical sensuality as only Prince knows how to sibilantly sing - just like "International Lover" and "Do Me, Baby." 8 (1+1+1 is 3) was depressing, as it was not holding up the standard set by its fellow tracks. 11 (she loves me 4 me) is actually quite pleasant, unlike some of the Prince’s music, which can test you or attempts to experiment, rebel or stretch the margins.

13 — the everlasting now—almost seems to bring the Christianity preached here full circle and really strikes the chord that provokes one to see that this album as a whole is the most religious to date, regardless of Prince’s trademark irreverence.