Jill Scott
Name of Album: Experience: 826+
Ratings: Personal - 5 General - 5
Release Date: November 20

The opening 12 minute concert recording of Love Rain is simply orgasmic. Its length and ever-flowing poetic monologue makes it equal to an opening aria of a hip-hop opera. Scott’s “He was ‘fresh‘” cut slices finer than that of an old-school samurai DJ (when you hear it you’ll know what i mean). She also gives one of the best lines I have ever heard of this genre of sultry soul-dipped in warm chocolate—”I felt like cajun pepper! Reddd and hot! and spiiicccy! I felt....(an exasperated breath) dizzy and solar. Heaven and Miles Davis between my thighs!”.

The following three tracks are also live, followed by a luscious arrangement of six studio productions (to my great misfortune, this promo only provided four whole tracks, with snippets of the rest - was still impressed). Jill Scott has another hit album here, unlike contemporaries like Macy Gray who sputtered the second time around (who oddly enough seems to be a guest accompaniment on track ten —there were no liner notes provided). Track six is reminiscent of the one soundtrack about Black love and lust that I relish: Love Jones; which along with 826+ I highly recommend you have in your carousel, regardless of your roots, if you ever plan to entertain a salacious someone or just seduce a certain anyone.