Jarvis Church
Name of Album: Shake It Off
Ratings: Personal - 4 General - 4
Release Date: July 2002

Springing off his success with producing phenom Nelly Furtado, Jarvis Church has thrown himself into the musical arena. Like his fellow songbird, he too is Canadian and has something valuable to offer worth listening to.

His PR sheet attributes a "footprint of reggae music" to his music, perhaps as a way of alluding to the fact that he was born in Jamaica. Otherwise, I don't see the relation.

There were three songs provided in the sample sent to me for the album that is due to be released in July. I liked all three tracks, especially since the trio exhibited significant diversity between them.

Track two, On the Day, proved to be quite original and I feel has a good chance of making the pop charts. Track three, You're so Vain, was eerily like an old and creamy Prince song, International Lover, which I once owned on a 45. I played it so often seducing someone-anyone-everyone back in college that surely I etched my own groove into it. I wouldn't be surprised if some co-ed takes to doing the same with what Church has to offer. Sounds all too sinful doesn't it? You're so Vain, also sounds a bit like Lenny Kravitz, a similarity with Prince which is not difficult to hear taking their guitars and voices into comparison.

It is hard for me, and practically against principle, to make a recommendation to purchase based on such a small sample, but based on Jarvis's track record with Nelly and what I've heard here, I bet you won't be disappointed if you go and buy the album anyway, absent my advocacy to buy.