Groove Armada
Name of Album: goodbye country (hello nightclub)
Ratings: Personal - 5 General - 4
Release Date: Out Now

Armada is definitely in the groove with this latest installment. Despite the necessary improvement to the simpleton lyrics of track 1,:

"I break it down mathematically, 99.9 is a percentage
Like clothes and fine wine and my rhymes are vintage
And the universal will give me strength like spinach"

goodbye country is a distinct pleasure to listen to. Like the cuts of a DJ in the flow of his art, individually the tracks here allow the listener to blend in with the sound. Likewise, the cumulative effect of the album is like the almost carnal feeling car buffs have after seeing their reflection in the freshly polished chrome bumper of one of their prized obsessions. The sound engineering on track five, Fogma, is brilliant. I was hearing echoes of ascetic chants in corners of my living room which had no reason to harbor such eerie, yet soothing sounds….maybe it was just the "herbal tea" talking. Overall, the album is easily a catalyst to intense introspective movement and to rendering a servile background facilitating work requiring a high level on concentration. I easily listened to the album a half dozen times while plowing through pedantic test results and analysis for the correlation between psychosis and creative genius. Hello nightclub receives high marks.

"Actually, I'm a big fan of what I guess they call electronica. My favorite albums these days are Basement Jaxx and Underworld and Groove Armada."

~ Barry Manilow,
Hip to Be Square,
New York Times Magazine, 3.17.02