Glenn Lewis
Name of Album: World Outside My Window
Ratings: Personal - 4 General - 4
Release Date: March 19, 2002

Glenn Lewis made his mark last year with his single release "Don't You Forget It" which slowly climbed and endured the charts for a notable period of time.

Now he is ready to release an entire album, one which is bound to fasten him into the music scene as a durable good and not just a one-hit wonder. Speaking of which, Lewis is definitely the heir to Stevie Wonder. So many comparisons have been made between him and Stevie that he has even had to address the similarity in his latest press release, proclaiming that listeners will come to see the difference. Nonetheless, this did not stop the legendary influence from inviting Glenn to his LA radio station to do an on-air interview and meet him.

With World Outside My Window, the world is introduced to what is inside Lewis, and it proves to be a pleasant introduction. Granted the typical Glenn sound borders on drone after a while, but the debut album offers some refreshing spurts like One More Day to liven up the mix on occasion.

If it happens that "Don't You Forget It" was one of those tunes that you couldn't get off your mind, you're liable to like this album one way or another. It has a soft pop quality to it that is liable to soothe you during those humid days of summertime.