Name of Album: five track CD sample featuring "Don't You Forget it"
Ratings: Personal - 4 General - 4
Release Date: March 19, 2002
Mellow smooth Glenn Lewis, who is currently touring as the opening act for Alicia Keys played here in New York at the beginning of this month to great fanfare. Like his contemporary Donnie, he evokes the innocent and pure intonations of Stevie Wonder. And it is no wonder, because along with Donny Hathaway, and Charlie Wilson, Stevie was part of what Lewis refers to as the "Hoy Trinity" of his musical inspiration. Now with a solid hit on the charts, Don't You Forget It, holding at number ten as of February 23, after 18 weeks on the Billboard charts, his entire repertoire begs to be heard.

Overall, the snippet sampler of Lewis that the promoters provided did not do him justice, for they are difficult to digest, because just as you feel you are understanding the merit of a song's composition or lyrics it ends abruptly and the platform of emotions evoked is pulled out straight from under you. Nonetheless, the sample sneak preview was good enough to get an approval for purchase from me, so go ahead and buy it—you might like it.