Name of Album: ep-excerpts from the colored section
Ratings: Personal - 3 General - 4
Release Date: Out Now


I will repeat what every reviewer is liable to say, and then come up with comments-originalóDonnie sounds just like Stevie Wonder.

Unlike many of his neo-soul contemporaries who invoke the Gods of Lust to titillate their audience, Donnie's music is quite innocent, which is perhaps a reflection of his fervent religious beliefs and background. Any other route would have been difficult considering that both his parents are Hebrew Pentecostal ministers.

Track one of this sample, Do You Know, from his newest release, The Colored Section, is quite pleasant, a perfect summer song to pump to the back yard while flipping burgers and chatting with good friends over a well-blended margarita. Track 2, Cloud, is the song you play to really get the party started, an icebreaker to a long night of revelry under the moonlight, and just the right precursor to some heavy-duty toe-stepping to "Super Mama Jamma." The Colored Section is bound to be a classic spring-into-summer album for years of innocent days to come.