Djinji Brown
Name of Album: Sirround Sound
Ratings: Personal - 3 General - 3
Release Date: Fall 2002


Bronx-bred Djinji Brown has humbly submitted his debut compilation of Afro, Latin, Caribbean, and House influenced music and spoken reminisces and clearly established himself as a fresh voice on the hip-hop scene. His work credits and work demonstrate a kind of street driven integrity I have not heard for a long time. With the wide use of natural percussion his efforts come across as sincere and unpretentious.

My only concern was the lack of diversity within each instrumental recording. Minute two sounds just like minute one, and three like two, and four like three, and so on and so forth. Even my favorite recording Apache’s Revenge, began with much promise, but ultimately let me down after I heard the same clips from Rocky the movie, the same laughing and echoing of shouts, as well as the same track of electronica underlying it all.

Favorite Song(s): Apache’s Revenge