Dirty Vegas
Name of Album: Dirty Vegas
Ratings: Personal - 5 General - 5
Release Date: June 4, 2002

To be released at the beginning of Summer, Dirty Vegas's self-titled debut album is liable to heat up the charts over the season. This trio's unique sound has already proven itself in their homeland of the UK, and now they are ready to make a road trip of their music across America.

They'll have some help considering Mitsubishi Motors chose their song "Days Gone By" to be featured in their new Eclipse campaign.

There's something to be said for the words chosen in the press release, that states Dirty Vegas is a "seamless rock/electronica hybrid that defies easy categorization," for it does seem quite often on this album that the music crosses genres, seamlessly enough to merit a prediction that the album will climb a number of charts.

However, I take exception to the idea that "rock fans" will like this as much as those partial to dance and club music. This is not rock, pop maybe, but nothing close to anything from the Rolling Stones or Mettalica or Zepplin or even what might be considered pseudo-rock like Beck. The lead singer has a sweet voice which itself exempts the group from that gruff genre. Their sound is much more akin to Soft Cell, Pet Shop Boys, and "Melt with Me" sensations—Modern English. But definitely not Rock.

Overall, the beat sounds intelligent. Just don't ask me what I mean by that. Think "smart," in the same manner an Englishman might employ the word "keen." It just feels good to me, good enough that I would recommend you buy the album and see for yourself what I mean, but cannot explain.