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Zie End?

Or is this just zie beginning miene freudling?

For I feel that the journey has really just begun.

After 222 days on flickr, 100,000 streamviews, 11,111 photos posted, 1900 different photos chosen as favorites by fellow photographers, and being blogged or otherwise cited more than 100 times, I believe it is high-time to take this initiative to the next level.

Hence, I am soliciting your help by asking you to render your personal opinion on what you believe should be lorenzodomís 100 Best fotos.

Iíve decided to begin soliciting galleries and representation in NYC and therefore plan to compile a portfolio culled from the opinions of others.

I plan to go to print on Monday, November 14, so until then please give me your advice and opinion as to what photos should be included.

You can provide feedback in any number of ways including:
1. flickr E-mail or my personal address:
2. Comments below your favorite photos
3. Joining the 100 Best forum
4. Adding photos to your favorites

Also please write a testimonial on my behalf if you are willing to do so after reviewing my photos. I sincerely feel your praise can only help me persuade prospective dealers, curators and agents that my work is worthy of their consideration.

Thank you most kindly with the warmest of regards.


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