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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

(Yes, Madame X There's)
a place to be ourselves

a place to be ourselves
lies not far
from where you are
when you know where you are at.

for that, this one place of solace,
of serenity and whispering solitude,
lies, solely and sibilantly, within.

when we have no Walden Pond to run to
when there is no place to hide
when we cannot freely share what we dare,
what we must keep curled up


we must turn within.
and there, where neither sin
or sensitivities
or otherwise proclivities
opposite to our own,
matter much after
we accept to be,
that we, are alone.

there is where true peace lies
there is where there is no need

to repress,
to love less,
to lie, to hide
there is where there is
a place to be ourselves.

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