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writers' phucks

I'm stuck,
I'm stuck!
The right phrase
right word
right tone
right (no left!)
tap to the funny bone
eludes me—
They should call it—
"writer's shock"
not writer's block
'cause it really is a jolt
to the system.
"writers' phucks" even
because this really sucks!
and it sure sounds more like
the malady
it rightfully
should be called.
Quite frankly I'm appalled,
that I've been stalled—
by this alternate definition
of "brain freeze":
the inability
to pen in sync
to think with ink!
to simply, turn a phrase

What farce! Oh, you do amaze
you wretched
rock perceived, indeed
you are a heavy load
stuck in the Road
of Articulating Fluidly.
Damn you writers' phucks!
Dagnabbit, frimfram-it, ah, shucks!
Why do you forsake me so?
What have I done not to know
the right word to write,
Do I not do my best to shed some light
On this dreaded life we lead, we live?
Do I not bleed and sweat, better yet,
unconditionally give?
Why than do you obstruct me so?
Have you no better place to go?
So painful are you, I would not wish you upon
my greatest writing foe! Oh no,
'cause you're quite ugly, I'll have you know.
So please just disperse, disappear
For I fear, it's getting worse, and I must curse
that you Just dissipate, before it is much too late.

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