book four: the art of writing

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Following are musings dedicated to the power of the word.

The Power of the Word: The Love of Language
and Taming Tongues of Fire

00. at a loss for words
00. ode to the wonder of words
00. the art of writing (that i-sublime)
00. reVERBerate
00. my tongue
00. everything—to me
00. framazing
00. a rose
00. origins of unhappiness
00. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

The Writing Muse: Origins, Inspiration
and Other Worldly Motivations

00. a current runs through
00. Living room
00. words I dream (my father tells me)
00. the reasons why
00. Poetry's Seed
00. scripture
00. beyond principle
00. the vain entertainer (simply amusing or murder, she wrote)
00. what I would have my words do
00. the write crap
00. the slippery heel
00. rambling hubris and crackers
00. a writing life
00. The Words (my words, the wisdom, passion)
00. comfort words
00. writing away fear
00. vainly living
00. now i know (epilogue: the last-last lost man chronicle)
00. the unknown writer and his favorite reader

The Writing Muse II: Compulsion
and The Need to Bleed Words

00. I stop answering the phone
00. The write time
00. biting the writing bullet
00. Simple
00. hypergraphiating Houdini
00. half-wit, half-genius— (Wit(h))
00. the insatiable incorrigible within
00. prodigal harmony

Quillless and Other Frustrations
00. the world less brighter
00. To Have No Pen (What Irony This Ruin)
00. Running
00. the dilemmas
00. dilemma II
00. the lost world (of words)
00. a writer’s high
00. a writer, a leader and a lover
00. writers' phucks
00. the catharsis of writing

Letters and Other Epistolary Matters
00. tap, tap, tap (retyped): ein loveletter zur Schreibmaschine
00. her letter to me
00. warmest regards, william
00. the curse of sublime vanity
00. cinematic envisioning
00. energy redirected

00. write the verse
00. Ode to the reader
00. Poem philosopher mime
00. Sestina
00. Germinating in 4 syllables
00. Scintalating scansion
00. Ode to Poem
00. Poetic pollution
00. Make me ßelieve
00. A poet’s purpose
00. My life poetic
00. licentia poetica
00. Pan (dilemma 3)
00. He wrote till death
00. The elixir and everything

Reading and Literary Reviews
00. Lo-lee-tah
00. Running Amuck (with Scissors)
00. Yes they are, thank you.
00. the importance of being earnest
00. Words That Last
00. the good news constitution, inaugural issue
00. by the light of dawn, by the light of dusk

00. a royal funeral

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