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what I would have my words do

today, after sitting through several hours of hearing senior managers trying to outbore each other with their chest pounding presentations, i was pleasantly greeted back in the office with a simple note from a beautiful woman.

she kindly wrote "today i cried. thank you."

and you know what? i cried and i sighed and i pined too. honestly, i did. it was a glorious feeling and i am grateful to one special anonymous girl. thank you.

that is why i write and i risk exposing myself and saying all the things i shouldn't, but which i dare say anyway.

on the ride back into the city, i just happened to write the following which seems to me to say much more of the same:

ultimately, i do not care to change anything. i don't want to make this a better world or alter its revolution or mutate the evolution of womankind.

i would like to influence people though, not for money or power or prestige or any other personal gain, but simply for the insanely altruistic objective of opening, enlightening, and lightening perspectives. it would be wonderful if individuals wondered, awed, or noticed more—and worried, hurried and complained less; felt freer to undress themselves of all their psychological obligations, burdens, woes and frustrations they subject themselves to.

i wish to empower others as well with my words to do for themselves what they in fact can already do, but simply are not doing.

it would also be delightful if by inspiring one to turn her disposition in a different direction, that she subsequently find herself with a more consistent predilection toward happiness. if she finds herself acting more optimistically, thinking more profoundly and soundly and spontaneously because of a few of my words, then i will do my best to continue giving them. moreover, i would love to orient anyone into action, if only to see that the potential for satisfaction lies all around us and in everything we do.

this is the sincerest wish of what i would have my words do for you.

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