the lost man chronicles
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the art of writing (that i-sublime)

the sublime rime and rhythm that transcend all words.

the rapturous phrases that amaze and befuddle and allure as they were, dancing upon the tongue.

the proverbial thoughts that provoke and pique and seek redemption via the stimulation of the imagination of one.

the existential glory inherent in all stories that convey the magnificence of the magnified and dignified and distinguishing moments of everyday experience.

the sagacious clarity that unfolds what once was wise for others, and that tantalizes one's curiosity into learning it for oneself all over again.

the whetting, the wit, the enthralling bits of detail that entail and reveal and entice us into living likewise free and omnipotently enough to determine our own fate.

the gait, the pulse and the pauses, the hidden clauses that tick pace like the metronome and subliminally drive one home until the end when we understand that the art of writing is sublime.

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