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origins of unhappiness

imagine if we had to define every word as we said it. certainly, it would take an inordinate amount of time to iterate anything.

we are able to speak fluidly without having to explain every word because our mind works upon presumptions, that is, we expect the people we converse with to take from the same set of definitions, grammatical rules and well of emotion that we do. in turn, we presume that we understand one another.

the same principle of linguistic simplification applies to how we interact with one another in the social setting of our everyday lives, and includes the employment of ideals, institutions, traditions and rituals of love.

unhappiness ensues when the presumptions, expectations and all the other predetermined constructs which serve as conduits of compressed comprehension fail to express the nuances of what we feel inside or strive to express because either what exists is inadequate or limits our organic sentiments—those feelings, postures, positions and perspectives which change continually if we allow ourselves the requisite tolerance, patience and time necessary to convey or listen to anyone who is equally dynamic.

except that we don't, because than that would be too trying, frustrating, and tiring. it is seemingly humanly impossible to constantly be cognitively changing one self and our perceptions of others in order to custom fit all unique circumstances and existential idiosyncratic experiences.

in turn, we fall victim to the monsters of our very own creation, as we retrofit, circumvent, pigeonhole, prejudge, censor, and circumcise our experiences and expectations of others. the results are blasphemous and unwholly, inorganic, discriminating, synthetic, plastic and inauthentic. and it is no wonder we're unhappy.

its no wonder, really, its no wonder.

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