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half-wit, half-genius— (Wit(h))

Wit(h) half-a-wit which foolishly purports i am brilliant.

With a PEN(that)IS mightier than any sword
my mind when bored, can keenly penetrate to the core of any abyss worth diving into and exploring.

With a feral wit which absconds all that is boring
a hole in my head, i ponder, i wander, i posit—
Wherefore are we,
Why we're here,
and upon what irrational fear
Do we resist living,
Do we insist misperceiving
that life is merely a precursor to death?

With inquisitive depth and a preponderance of knowledge,
a little more than earnestly profound curiosity,
the velocity of my journey tapers with each discovery of someone new—
and sometimes i do
go so slow
that i find my self knowing
when i am certain
that i am going —

"A jovial character.
In moderation , it is a gift, not a defect.
A pinch of wit is good seasoning.
The greatest people can parlay grace and humor into universal favor.
But they pay due respect to prudence and never break with decorum.
Others use jest as a quick way out of difficulty.
Some things should be taken jokingly,
even those that others take most seriously.
This shows a certain agreeableness, and works like a strange charm
on the hearts of others." ~ Baltasar Gracián

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