the lost man chronicles
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wonder with me

won’t you?

as i wonder with glee at all the amazing things this wonderful life has to offer?

as i marvel like charlie in the chocolate factory as the candyman takes a sunrise, sprinkles it in dew, covers it in (dark) chocolate and a miracle or two?

as i gaze in awe at the roseate glow at the end of each day and the way the twilight air dissipates the woes gathered at this looming and closing hour?

as i revere each minim, each minute of the awesome power of our precious existence, and acknowledge the fragrant spell of the redolent passing of life itself?

as i admire the beauty and wealth of being, the rich aesthetics of profound awareness and the perfection that living for the moment often offers?

as i desire to know, to dispel myths and create my own, and to have grown because of this precocious curiosity, the tenacious velocity of which is liable to run over a few smug egos and a lot of rules, mores and haughty manners of high-society along the way?

as i meditate and mull and lust to learn the secret ways of the muses, even at the expense of losing much respect amongst the complacent and content and the guardians of the status quo?

as i readily go with the flow, eagerly enquiring with a thousand pining questions, ten wily, grimy, wiggling fingers, and a willingness to risk and sprinkle a tad of tacit fervor upon a lover like you?

as i explore,
as i dig,
as i create
and am inspired
to live a life unlike any other.

won’t you, will you please wonder with me?

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