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At the midpoint of the introduction to The Upanishads this morning, I came to see the hole of depression where the lynchpin of happiness usually resides. For I realized that joy lies more in the present than anything.

Certainly, the reveling is spurred by an appreciation of the past and the dreaming of all the potential which lies ahead, but relying inordinately on either is also potentially the crossing that leads to melancholy hell.

Overentertianing thoughts of the perfected past or an ideal future can readily lead one to lament what seems like an emp-ty present, a seemingly vacuous gift box we are standing in. Amidst this false sense of emptiness, we tend to project upon these cardboard walls of the here and now cinematic visions of the time that surrounds us. And thus, we are apt to fall victim to the myopic limitations of linear chronology—as we tend to look either stringently straight ahead or longingly behind. And rarely do we find what we are looking for, because our pinings are so asynchronously elusive.

Which is why we must realize that all the greatest joy we seek can be had if only we occasionally stop and lie down to see, appreciate the serenity, and accept the majesty of where we simply are.

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