the lost man chronicles

(i know now) where i must go

suddenly, i feel as if i can write again, as it i have survived the winter of my isolation and passed unscathed into spring. what a wonderful thing it is to feel i am free to write again, breath again, feel the cool earth sooth my soul as it grits up between and grimes my bare naked toes. what a glorious feeling to place my pen upon this page and to seek inspiration from the sage that human nature is; what bliss! this overwhelming sentiment, this exhale and exhilaration after such a long and lonely lament—what soothing relief and invigorating solace one finds upon the horizon of the land of milk and honey after passing forty days and forty nights through the diaspora; ah and oh, how now i know where i must go—after having been lost for so long. surly, i accept i may have been wrong to wander, to do more than simply wonder, but this we may never know. but oh, how i know now—where i must go—oh, how i know.

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