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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

We, Are One
We, Are One

While we were out shooting for DJ Mixx’s upcoming album, Boom! Chronicles of a DJ on the Run, we decided to work on his powers of levitation a bit as well.

Immediately, I notcied that his feet were not flat, which was clearly indicative of his lack of concentration. Hence, I advised, “Let go Mixx. You must feel the power Mixx.”

“Forget everyone and everything, and find yourself here and now, alone. For we are all alone Mixx. We, Are One.

We had already put in a couple of hours of traversing through DUMBO, and I had gotten up at 5 AM on Sunday, so admittedly I was a bit tired, and eventually lost my patience.

So I sighed (a little sigh to myself) and said, “Look Mixx,” and demonstrated for him, much as I’ve done countless times for my boys, Enzo and Nicky.

Kid Mixx observed as I lost myself within the black hole of nothingness, an implosion of the mind that we all have the power to trigger within ourselves.

Upon my return from the abyss, I could see that he now knew what he had to do. And upon closing his eyes, that he would indeed see the power, the strength, the light that makes us all our own—almighty and omniscient gods.

Upon landing I put an arm around him and smiled, “Good Mixx, Good.”

And then we moved on to complete our shoot.


I'm always looking for subjects to practice my portraiture on/with, so if you live in or are visiting the tri-state area of NYC and are interested in having me take your picture (or know of anyone who might be) send me a note.


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