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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

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We Are Empowered

Life is amazing isn't it?

When I stop in the middle of the street and I am able to capture moments like this, I feel the sort of bliss that reaches into and through the greater depths of my soul, that links my buzzing electrons with all the magnificent and marvelous photons that the amazing Sun shines down on me - and it makes me feel as if I am aglow.

I guess that is what happiness is all about isn't it? That is what love is all about and what life should be about, if only because each day that the sun rises we have the opportunity to rise with it too, to reach and strive and manifest our dreams, if only because we are empowered by the blessed Sun (She is beautiful isn't She?)

In these winter days when the cold has us shivering, quivering, fearsome, loathsome and sometimes lonesome, we must remember to find solace in the Sun, if only because she reminds us that we are alive, and to be living is a blessing in and of itself.

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