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Warmest Regards, William

Dearest Margaret,

My most honorable Duchess of New Castle, I am writing not only to humbly thank you for the favorable reviews of my work, but also to tell you once again how much you inspire me.

You are a brilliant star illuminating the heavens above the empire that Elizabeth built, a shining example of how far the mind of the fair sex may go, despite the mighty undertow of manís oppression.

As you have inferred through the esoterica underlying my rhetoric, I find all women to be amazing, which is why I make my parole both an ode and an Arcanum that showcases Her majestyís supranatural store of intelligence, benevolence and wondrous grace and agility with which you and all women do it allógive birth to all men, nurture them, bear the brunt of their awakening insolence and still love them unconditionally, and then send them off on their own. And as such I recognize that they have long served as wholly unappreciated matrons of tolerance, who, like our late and beloved Queen, also drive the soul of diplomacy even amongst the most intolerant of men.

In sum, nothing serves better to pacify and civilize their rancorous natures then the soft and patient wile of a strong-willed woman.

I am also excited to relay to you that I have begun a new project, one solely inspired by my love for the fairer sex, one which surpasses the merit of all my plays, if only because they laud the amazing source of creation Herself. By this collection of verse I seek to dispel the feminine mystique and show that in fact they are the first sex and not the female eunuchs that history would have them be. Respectfully, I am enthralled by the movement that is emerging, and it is by your hand that manís long-due appreciation of his maker progresses upon its due course.

The Sonnets are quickly becoming and indubitably will be, my most personal and prized words to date. Albeit, I relied on the inspiration of individuals like you to quill them, they were adoringly written in the name of all women as well.

Once again, thank you kindly for your benevolent patronage. I am duly in debt and hope that the enclosed drafts of my poems do not disappoint you.

Warmest Regards,

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