the lost man chronicles
wandering toward awe .98

so now that my life has come full circle, i'm taking the second loop out into the farthest reaches of an egress that does not return. carelessly the energy for the voyage shall burn out before any thought to looking back, weariness, or a test of worthiness cross this certain path of an ellipse.

along my trajectory i'll eclipse other moons like me, likewise in-motion projectiles circling about their own euphuistic fate. and for a lithe spin we might concentrically share or detour on a whirl to nowhere about each other whimsically into unknown space.

the trace of light as old as eden will enable others to look up and back into time intuiting the divine course we have taken—the wanderlust of two heavenly and forsaken bodies cleaving a groove into new and radiant constellations.

occasionally, our flirtations will fell us to earth, where as lovers we shall give birth to a swooning part of this celestial dream, which all but seems it is wound up into a vertigo that will last forever.

alas, once woozy changes from ethereal to mortal ennui, you'll find me projecting outward bound again, wandering toward awe on my own.

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