the lost man chronicles
09. vehicular velocity

Cruising at sixty in the right lane of the Garden State Parkway I was assured to annoy practically everyone who was jetting past at what seemed to be the average vehicular speed of a brisk 75, ten miles above the posted speed limit.

I was not trying to irk anyone and my car could easily advance at a clip a notch above a hundred, but I had asked myself earlier, "where are you going?" and the answer not only resonated, but set the pace for the rest of the day—nowhere fast.

Normally, I am not apt to go faster than what is required of me anyway. I've made it a point for many years not to rush life, because no matter at what personal velocity one is proceeding, we're all going to end up eventually getting to the same place.

Along the various routes I've been lost upon, I've learned how to set my own schedule, primarily by ignoring everyone else's. I don't wear a watch, don't port a cell phone, nor own a laptop, PDA, or even carry a calendar or create a list of things to do. As a result, I am infamously late.

One might thus infer that I tend to be lethargic, unproductive, maybe even lazy. The opposite is true, because I have my priorities straight, try not to take on more weight than I can carry; ogle, eye and take into purview no more than I can focus on; work with meticulous care and due scrutiny, and apply prudence whenever impossible.

Know what you want in life, know where your gifts lie, give new things a try, love something or someone and then get in the right lane and enjoy the ride at your own pace. This is the best way to get to where you're going, even it you're not quite sure where that is. Because if you're always trying to appease or achieve someone else's agenda, you're bound to end up passing by your own life. So, chill. Keep it cool boy, real cool.

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