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two old lovers

I woke up at 2 AM with verse swirling about in my head. Got up to pee and then, looking into the deep pockets of my eyes, convinced myself that I should try falling back to sleep. Somehow, seemingly, I succeeded and awoke again at 3:30.

With the phrase “charming with silence” in mind, this time I wrote down the words of my vertigo:

(the) old bones (of two lovers)

sibilance please,
they’re creakin’
undulating in unison,
they’re sinkin’
into each other.

following in her footsteps, this one fruitioned on the four:

intuition (the intimacy of life)

growin’ old enuf
to know
just knowing
is enough.

no proofs,
no certificates,
no validating stuff,
for just knowin’
is enough.

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