the lost man chronicles
title and authorship

"The Buddha is one who is identified no longer with his ego, but with total consciousness and consequently, cannot be depicted."
~ Joseph Campbell

This trilogy of books is entitled the lost man chronicles based on the simple tenet that the one who speaks through the epiphanies is lost in the fold of the universe.

As the author is "lost" per se, the initial launching could be possibly quasi-anonymous, with "l.m" cited as the author. The strategy would not seek to stir controversy, but to evoke mystery and curiosity, the very sentiment which reflects the very inspiration spurring the lost man on her journey.

Anonymity is also a gesture which attempts to avoid hubris and humility, ideal states of engagement which are demonstrated through the wisdom laid forth in the lost man chronicles.

Moreover, anonymous authorship will enable the power of the myth which underlies this work.

Depending on the demand for the disclosure of the author, a blurb about the author might be divulged at either 3, 6 or 9 months after the book release.

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