the lost man chronicles
29. the wise fool

Knowledge is information entertained, and wisdom is that knowledge applied. And a lack of action does not necessarily make one any less wiser.

Sometimes one is too old or has already learned the lesson, or they are not sufficiently bold, or are too possessed by comfort to make an effort to spread their reserve of time and opportunity upon wisdom. Other times it simply is a matter of not having enough time and space to carry tenets through or not being able to because one is not in the right place, at the right time.

For essential to wisdom is not only timing and propriety, but execution with accuracy, the dilution of which may likely lead to human error. Thus, one cannot expect any particular individual to act upon all the laws of human behavior which they know to be both true and sensible.

That would be both impractical and practically incomprehensible in a world governed by more than truth and necessity. For there are always those who will impede with their wants and desires, greed that paradoxically never seems to expire with possession, and the millions of other idiosyncratic penchants and predilections that provide pleasure, pleasure which is often paid at the price of wisdom.

Hence, since to err is human and to indulge divine, it seems that most of us are quite inclined to be—fools—but blissful ones.

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