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the unexpecting

i know how to expect the unexpected.

in fact, i have perfected the formula:
i call it my secret Blindly Wait ‘N See ®

for one can readily foretell what will
follow, if the echoes of our expectations
resoundly ring hallow against the hollow
curves of space of what is yet to be.

for you see, and then you don’t
in this wanton place that is want of desire,
the camp where the fire burns only with the
embers that alight the moment
of destiny’s sibilant and redolent rendering
when the impatient will and brazen tendering
of fate falls lithely upon our hands,
so that having prepared, awaiting, replete
in unexpectation, we are fully ready and eager
to take advantage of the obligation
that opportunity charges us to fulfill.

oh, life is truly quite a thrill,
when you know how
to expect the unexpected.

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