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Sunday, January, 8, 2006

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These Winter Blues

Last night I was sent a grand, inspiring gift by my friend *Chris. It was a listing of over 100 photos of mine that have been listed among the 500 photographs chosen each day for the Flickr Explore page.

As elated I was to see that my photos were getting play, I was at a loss as to how I might take advantage of this trove.

Stumped, I decided to go for a quick five-mile run in the hills of Montclair. It was a cool 55 outside and I was compelled to take advantage of the fair weather. I had been cooped up for far too long inside and I desperately needed to get some exercise.

Admittedly, I shamelessly confess and proudly profess that I recoil whenever the mercury falls below freezing point. Iím a California boy born-and-bred, through-and-through, and even after almost 14 years here on the East Coast Iíve yet to get used to These Winter Blues.

Anyway, nonetheless and allthemore, I am blessed with the optimism instilled by an idyllic childhood and the perfect climate of Northern California, and I so am compelled to make the most from what we are given.

Subsequently, I was reminded on my run how easily a bit of fresh air and sunshine can stimulate the senses, oneís imagination and oneís mind. For this is when I realized that *Chrisís gift would become my next photo set, The Flickr 500.*

Most importantly, I was reminded of how grateful I am to have friends like Chris during months like this, friends who are graceful enough to cheer up oneís day and send a sign indicating that in some small way or another oneís diligence and meticulous application might be worthwhile after all.

* *Chris also has over 100 photos list in The Flickr 500. Check them out!


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