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Understandably, considering I do not hesitate to impart my daily thoughts, it would be rather easy for anyone to presume a bit of arrogance on my part—as if, I actually believe people are interested in reading my musings.

And it would be so easy for me to cower in humility for fright of being called a narcissistic, self-centered, sexist egotist.

Alas, I accept that I cannot be enlightened or made alive and aware of who I truly I am if I do not readily and repletely reveal and accept all that I was, to improve all that I am becoming.

So, what follows are the reasons underlying my appeal, the reasons why I write and share so shamelessly.

· Because my daily meander and banter exhibit much over time: commitment, perseverance, consistency, literacy, and dedication to exploring, understanding and musing upon the sublime.

· Because I reveal much more of who I am by blathering uninhibitedly, rather than beguiling with an artful blurb and an epistolary sleight-of-hand.

· Because I might convey what others otherwise cannot say; articulating for the masses the awe and effect life and love have upon us as individuals everyday.

· Because I am who I am, more so than whomever I obsequiously feign and sincerely fawn becoming.

· Because a lot of people are lonely and I would like them to know it is okay to be alone.

· Because on my own, in this bubble of anonymity, I can be honest and true and committed to whomever I alone want to be.

· Because truth is as true to and relative as the purveyor, truer if it is conveyed via past experience, and merely may be true—if it is yet to be.

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