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The One-Man Show of Way-Off Broadway

Every once in a while, we New Yorkers are delightfully treated to a show.

Iím not speaking of Broadway or even Off-Broadway, but of what Iíll call "Way-Off Broadway," the show on the streets, the entertaining treat that our fellow men who have the yen and the zest and wanton ways to amuse us, will graciously share with us on occasion.

This set documents one such short, but great moment. I came across this hotel doorman this morning on my way to work. It was only 8 AM but he was already all worked up and ready to go, ready to show off his pathos for life. It so happens that he was dancing but a few steps from the street named Broadway.

I was immediately impressed, not only by his willingness to play to my camera, but by the vibrancy of his act. In less than a minute he demonstrated to me that he was someone who made the most of his life, who was not afraid to enjoy each day as he pleased, and who engaged others in a manner that inspires us to live likewise.

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