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"Like explorers, scientists, and artists, leaders seem to focus their attention on a limited field—their task- to forget personal problems, to lose their sense of time, to feel competent and in control." ~ Leaders: The Strategies for Taking Charge, Warren Bennis & Burt Nanus
Walk slowly to your bathroom.

Standing before and quite close to the mirror, take a deep breath and close your eyes.

Once you realize your self alone, lean forward and press your forehead to the glass.

At the point when your consciousness is all but the light pressure at the middle of your head—open your eyes again.

Likely, you will only see One.

This is a meditation, which like all others, allows you to reposition yourself and channels the necessary energy toward much needed insight.

For, should you be able to focus on the task, at the expense of all others, you may find your center again.

While seeing but one eye you will forget all the other manifestations of your self, and all that lures you away from achieving Nirvana as one pure person.

As one eye, peering inside your self, you have an opportunity to attempt to understand who you are, what makes you whole, what it is that you do not already know and all that might make your existence more meaningful as well.

There are those who will open their eyes and see a monster, the Cyclops in them that pretends to be, the alien being that obsequiously obeys and subsequently delays her destiny with the frivolous entertainment of what she is not. The means of escaping this is by realizing who you really are, and living your life as such, even if it must be done surreptitiously or at the price of social status.

Others will be lucky enough to find that the divine already lies still within them, and that with the one eye they are focused on seeing what is most meaningful in their own particular life, and that the direction in which this eye is looking is that way in which she can create the most of all her potential.

"Like Einstein, we must hold these opposites in a balanced focus so that we might see into the depths of a future of our own creation without succumbing to vertigo, without falling into the despair common-place among those who would envision the limitless potentiality of aspiring savages." ~

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