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the ocean inside of me

Wanting to have much the same and yet also eager to try something new, I asked the bartender to make me an Irish coffee with Maker’s Mark bourbon instead of the standard Dewar’s. I sat at the end of the bar with a jukebox at my back that was bumping out Alicia Key’s A Woman’s Worth.

While waiting for my drink, I had a weird feeling, as if I were anxiously waiting for something to happen, and then, without warning, it did. For as I glanced down at my notebook the script began bouncing off the page.

I focused my glare in disbelief and presumed that it was the long mahogany bar that was shaking. Yet, as I darned my brows, somehow the letters stopped dancing, and to my dismay the earth stood still.

After a few sips of my new concoction, I had all but forgotten about this phenomenon and was soaking in my surroundings. Feeling the drowsy-woozy spell of my philter, I closed my eyes for a moment, and when I reopened them, lo and behold, there was the bold alphabet ballet sashaying before me once again.

It then occurred to me what was really happening. The sound waves were shaking - me. As we are all but water, the vibrations emanating from the nickelodeon were resounding through me and either giggling my eyes in their loose liquid sockets or rocking my cerebrum in its cradle of cerebrospinal fluid.

I then noticed that the same thing was happening with the glass of water I had also asked for. And as the boom of the bass caused ripples to graze across the top, I suddenly understood, quite intuitively, a multitude of natural laws and why we - are truly connected to everything.

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